Glass & plastics sparkle & shine

Allow us to introduce our exclusive
INLINE FOILING®, a revolution for cylindrical glass and plastic parts.

For the first time, eye-catching finishes easily, economically and quickly enhance products such as glass bottles, drinking glasses and tubes - entirely without pressure or heat.

INLINE FOILING® – metalization made simple and smart

Innovative INLINE FOILING® is an exclusively decoration process and has no market rivals.

It is so fast and economical because only one process operation is needed to metalize glass and plastic cylinders, while simultaneously protecting them with UV coatings.


INLINE FOILING® – brilliant metallic gloss in an endless array of colors

It was previously a challenge to enhance tubular hollow parts made of glass or plastic, especially in a durable and high quality way.

Now the revolutionary INLINE FOILING® process development delivers a surprise - an INLINE FOILING® unit is simply integrated into the silkscreen process - nothing else.

An innovative process with specially developed adhesives, metallic foils, silicone stamps and coatings, unique on the market and registered for patent.

Your options

Silver and gold hues are overprinted with ease, providing you with countless color options in metalization. Sample design also gives you free rein with sharp-edged and very precise decorations.

Create sparkling eye-catchers on every product in just one process operation, quickly and economically.

Your Benefits

INLINE FOILING® involves only one process operation, saving you time and money.

INLINE FOILING® allows damage-free decoration of thin glass and delicate plastics, now for the first time.

INLINE FOILING® yields excellent results with no extra overhead or scrap – and at high speed.

Metalization with INLINE FOILING® is not just of exceptionally high quality, but especially durable and enduring as well.

Here's how it works:

  1. A silkscreen adhesive is applied.
  2. Metalized foil is rolled on/off while at the same time UV adhesive is set with a new type of silicone stamp.
  3. The metalization adheres to the bonding surface, while all other surfaces remain untouched.
  4. Now it can be overprinted/recoated.

The gloss level of the metalization is remarkable!

INLINE FOILING® makes possible what was previously impossible.

Let your glass and plastics sparkle and shine!


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